Legal Relief Trust is a modern law firm which specializes in areas of law such as Tax Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Minerals and Mining Law, and Immigration Law.

We pride ourselves on having the depth of knowledge and expertise to meet our client’s most complex and critical legal needs.

Our specialty in the above-stated areas of law distinguishes us from others, thereby ranking us among top law firms of Ghana.

We strategically resolve our client’s disputes in a cost effective manner. Our success, we always maintain, is measured by our client’s success. Indeed we believe that we have a shared destiny with our clients –we succeed or fail together.

At Legal Relief Trust, we always take the individual merits of the case into consideration rather than applying generic strategies, and aim to keep clients regularly updated on the progress of their case.

With this in mind, we recognise that some legal terms and concepts, not to mention the complexities, are not always easy to understand, and our aim is to explain the merits of the case to our clients in a clear and straightforward manner, avoiding legalese and jargon